My Hero, My Son

At the age of 4 my little hero amazes me everyday!

A carer for his sister, he may not help bathe her or dress her or brush her hair but what he does is equally as important

He sits with her when she needs a friend, he leaves her alone when she needs space, he sits and waits patiently for me as I spend so much time helping Mimi through her meltdowns, her homework, getting her ready and running over to her as she walks towards strangers

He never moans (ok maybe sometimes, but rarely) He takes it all in his stride

When Mimi kicks off because she wants to sit in the front of the car or when she takes over his toys, when she demands she gets ready first.. he doesn’t argue back with her, instead he says ‘it’s ok Mum, let her’ despite me saying that it’s not fair on him!

When he is hurt, Mimi panics and instead of him consoling himself or crying out for me to console him, you can hear him say ‘its ok Mimi, I’m fine Mimi, it’s ok’ through his whimper to calm her

OB is my Hero, he is an amazing little boy who cares for everyone including me when my fibro flares up

This little boy soon to turn 5 takes on so much more then your average little boy

So today and everyday I sit and reflect about how the day has gone and not only are the positives (and negatives) of Mimi’s day are thought about, I think about how much he has helped and I can’t help myself but go into his room and give him a little extra squeeze

On top of all he does at home, OB is shining at school, learning so quickly and coming home with stickers and certificates and never giving me jip when it comes to homework time

I’m proud of my OB (wan kenobi) today and everyday


Author: Mimi’smummy

Hi, I’m Lou Living the life of a soap drama, floating by nicely but with my legs flapping ten to a dozen under the water! I will be starting to blog soon, my blogs will be mainly about my children one of whom has ADHD, Autism and sensory processing disorder, our journey learning about her as she gets older and changes Mimi is 8 and has been a typical girl flying under the radar up until her 7th birthday when it all came to ahead. Our son OB is growing up and the effects of having a sibling with extra needs as well as a disabled mum - Yes that’s right I’m a fibro Mum, working full time somehow My story involves dealing with the grief of suicide and how that has had an impact on our lives as well I did warn you it’s a soap life with way too much going on haha

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